Content Marketing for Health Brands: Take it to the Next Level

Marketing is a critical business asset, whether you sell taffy, paint houses, or provide medical care. It tells your brand’s story, engages customers, and builds reputations. That’s all pretty clear cut – unless your business is saving lives, then it gets a little murky. Healthcare content marketing is a tactic used to promote health and wellness services. When done right, it engages patients and healthcare consumers in a way that builds their trust. Health professionals don’t always see what

Micro vs. Macro Influencers and What's the Difference

To understand the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing, you must first grasp the importance of the social media influencer. A good place to start is by learning the difference between micro and macro. What is an Influencer? It’s not clear what makes some people influencers. One would hope that it would be expertise in a specific field but it doesn’t always work out that way. The truth is pretty much anyone can be an influencer. That weird guy that lives next door and watches TV while lickin

Intermittent Fasting: What You Should Know

People fast for many different reasons. For instance, one usually fasts the night before they have surgery, and before some medical tests, too. Of course, many of us have that one friend who boasts they fast three or four times a week to stay thin. It seems outrageous to go that long without food, but there is a trend in the world of healthy eating called intermittent fasting. It’s actually a new, old trend because people have been doing it for years, some without even realizing it. Grandma use

Self-Confidence Could Be Your Super Power

Self-confidence is a positive belief that you can do something no matter what and it has a bigger influence on your life than you might realize. People develop their sense of self during childhood. The human mind has the ability to establish a cognitive construct of self-worth early in life that is based not on every single action, but on a feeling of importance. The construct fluctuates, pushed one way or another based on that same idea: You carry that mantra with you as you go to school and e

MultiBrief: The future of the air medical services workforce

Air medical services are an integrated element in the emergency medical system. The practice of using aviation to transport trauma patients began with the military, but today helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft can be the best — or sometimes the only — transportation available to patients in rural areas. Changes in the healthcare industry have brought growth to clinical aviation and to the EMS workforce as a whole, as seen in the conversion of some rural hospitals to critical access status. Alt

Pharma Content Marketing and The Art of Storytelling

The heavily regulated industry of pharmaceuticals is facing a challenge like it’s never seen before — healthcare consumers. Wait, of course, pharmaceutical companies have always had to deal with patients, but technology has changed how these individuals approach their health. Today, healthcare is consumer driven. It’s an industry focused less on taking care of sick people and more on educating them and preventing disease. There is a psychology in pharmaceutical marketing that didn’t exist 20 ye

How to Train Your Marketing Client

Let’s face it, if your clients knew everything there was to know about marketing, they wouldn’t need you. The flip side of that is some clients come into it with unrealistic expectations. Your goal is to always provide a positive experience for those people who help pay the bills, but sometimes that requires a little attitude assistance. Part of helping businesses design successful marketing strategies is to educate them on what makes a good plan. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad clien