Darla is a full-time freelance writer published internationally, an award-winning author, and a professional graphic artist. 

She also works full-time as a freelance editor and content strategist.

Over the last decade, she has ghostwritten memoirs for a successful entrepreneur and created byline pieces for mainstream publications like USAToday, and the New York Times. Darla is known for her ability to take complex topics and make them clear to anyone.

Darla has also written three books. 

Her first novel, Living with the Gray Tones, was a critical success. 

LIVING WITH THE GRAY TONES is a complex story that investigates how a single, barely remembered event can occur in the lives of four siblings, that alters the paths they choose and their perception of the people they have become.

Her second book was a children's story titled Everyone Loves a Sunny Pug. 

Sunny Pug is a dog that everyone loves but who doesn't have a human of her own. She wonders if maybe it's because she is funny looking compared to the other dogs

Darla's third book was Stories From My Mother's Basement --  A book of short stories. 

Award-winning author Darla Ferrara pairs her acclaimed novella "We Ditch the Moon" with short stories about how fear can get the better of you.

She has also worked as a contract fiction writer for Scribd. You'll find several of her romantic mystery novellas and audiobooks there. 

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Books and Novellas by Darla Ferrara

Living With the Gray Tones
Everyone Loves a Sunny Pug
Stories From My Mother's Basement
The Artifact
Sassafrass Chronicles